JiveSlide 0.96 Beta

Access your photos from the Internet easily and wirelessly

Store your photos on Yahoo Photos, link your online albums to your JiveSlide account, and sit back as your photos appear instantly on your BlackBerry handheld.

No more cables, file format problems, or wasting valuable handheld memory. Our proprietary JiveSlide server technology automatically resizes, rotates, and adjusts the image for optimum viewing on your model BlackBerry before transmitting it securely right to your screen.

It's never been easier to take your pictures with you, wherever you go.

Connect to online photo storage services

You can link the online photo sharing account you already have to JiveSlide.

The current release of JiveSlide supports public folders from Yahoo Photos, with more supported services coming soon. Linking your account is as easy as entering your Yahoo username.

Share your photos online, then view them on your BlackBerry. Instantly.

More than just pretty pictures

In addition to your online photo account, the JiveSlide server technology can access digital pictures from a variety of sources, such as metropolitan traffic cameras, weather images, stock quotations, and image search engines such as Google Images, Yahoo Image Search, and Alltheweb.

com Pictures.

Worth a thousand words

JiveSlide goes beyond accessing personal pictures. Through our open architecture and XML API, application developers can develop feature-rich image sources to suit the needs of large organizations, in fields such as real estate, insurance, product sales and support, and engineering.



JiveSlide 0.96 Beta